Workshop 1: Introduction to Yoga

Find out whether yoga is something for you! We practice basic yoga postures (asanas) and learn breathing techniques, sitting and moving either on the mat or on a chair.  We will also discuss the history and philosophy of yoga and how a regular yoga practice can influence body and mind.

Assisting child pose.

Workshop 2: Balance and Stamina

While practicing suitable yoga flows on the mat we will focus on both balance and perseverance.  In the theoretical part we will discuss the proper balance between challenge and relaxation, the right and left side of our body, our male and female part. No yoga experience is required, everybody is welcome.

Teaching wild thing.
Towards head stand.
Warrior 3 on the pier.

Workshop 3: Chakra Yoga

According to the philosophy of yoga, human beings consist not only of the physical body but also of an energy system, the chakra system. In this workshop we will  both discuss and practice individually suitable ways to release blockades of our energy system in order to achieve sustainable health, well-being and balance. No yoga experience is required, everybody is welcome.

In class.

Please get in touch to discuss tailor-made workshops, designed according to your individual requirements.

Additional topics:

- How to get started on the mat
- How to increase your energy by stimulating your Chakras
- Heart and hip openers
- Yoga for more flexibility in shoulders and neck area
- Feet-up workshop
- BFF Yoga (Yoga with your Best Friend Forever or Partner)
- Why yoga ? – A workshop combining asanas (body postures) with yoga theory